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Welcome there !
I am
Julien Suchiz

Suchiz Corp and Suchiz Games founder. I am 29 years old. I am specialized in the field of image processing and computer vision, and recently Android.

No matter your sector of activity, there is always room for innovation !

I am a developer freelancer |

I have been passionate about computers since I was a child. It started with video games (like mostly everybody :p). Then at the age of 13, I decided to look further on how a video game was made. I programmed my first game in C following tutorials on the web. Since then, I was already convinced that I would work in computer science later on.

It’s only since my second year of bachelor’s degree that I’ve been fascinated by digital imaging, after hearing about AlexNet.
Digital imaging is omnipresent in everyday life and its needs are increasing while being different from day to day. It is this fascinating and challenging diversity that makes this field the most attractive to me. For instance for image processing, there is Big Data and IoT which require the refinement of images perceived by capture devices such as surveillance cameras or satellites. And for computer graphics, there is more and more realistic games, or realistic animations.

Consequently, I chose options such as « Introduction to Computer Graphics and Image Processing » as early as my degree in order to specialise in the field. To pursue this goal, I decided to do my first internship in Montreal, Canada in digital imaging to confirm my professional project. In this internship oriented towards computer graphics, I first had to implement a translation function to an existing tool on an open source image editing software in C++ language. I also made an exchange year at Pazmany Peter Catholic University in Budapest, Hungary, an university member of the European Image processing and Computer Vision Master degree. And finally, I finished with my Master of Science in Computer Graphics and Image Analysis.

Well I am still gaming, and always will. My passion for games is still there. This is also why I’ve created Suchiz Games. I also like to travel, and well many things. Just check out the appropriate section for more details :D.

I love discovering projects. I can’t see myself working on a single project, nor, a single technology.
Freelancing gives me the opportunity to work on various projects,  work with different tools, meet a lot of people. I also love to travel. Freelancing missions are mostly full remote, this is perfectly adapted to the way I want to live.

Since I am freelancing I have been doing a lot of thing beside IPCV, such as Android apps, embedded software or websites using CMS.

This made me realise that I like much more things on computer science than just IPCV. I am now seriously considering an Android conversion!

Well it is, but it is hard to do both at the same time. I am mainly working on Suchiz Games between my freelance missions. I am willing to full-time working on Suchiz Games when I will have enough budget for it. I see Suchiz Games as my future !



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BSc Computer Sciences

Paul Sabatier University

Shell programming
Basic signal processing (MATLAB)
Introduction to AI (Ocaml)
Introduction to Computer Graphics and Image Processing
Functional programming
Oriented Object Programming
Data structure
Software engineering (V Cycle, tests)

MSc 1 Computer Sciences

Pázmány Péter Catholic University

Data Mining and Machine learning (Weka)
Basics of Image processing (MATLAB)
Biometrics for identification (MATLAB)
Introduction to AI (JavaScript)
Biomedical Signal Processing (MATLAB)
Advanced Java (JavaEE)
Android programming (Java/Kotlin)
Parallel programming (C++)

MSc 2 Image Analysis

Paul Sabatier University

Real time rendering (C++)
Image processing (MATLAB)
Signal processing (MATLAB)
Animation (C++)
Medical image processing
Satellite image processing (Orfeo ToolBox)
Computer vision (MATLAB)
Agile and DevOps initiation (Jenkins, SonarQube)

Get to know me a little bit more !​

I am curious open minded a challenger dedicated creative

I have always been passionate about technology and have loved challenges since I was little. As long as I can remember, I was very competitive since I started sports at the age of 6. These characteristics of mine are now expressed through my participation in many hackathons. And yes, although, I am a very autonomous person (as shown by my decision to go freelance), I am easy going, get along well with people and know how to work in groups (as evident from my hackathons participation). On top of that, I love to create things. It all began during my childhood times. Growing up with my parents who play in a band had greatly influenced me. It gave me the chance to try, to compose, and to record my own songs at home ! The sense of curiosity in me have also led me to create a lot of banners on photoshop. Crafting, to me, is one of the best feelings and I think that is why I enjoy programming so much. Also, I develop games during my free time. This is how Suchiz Games was borned :).

I am a musician |

Piochiz - Echloed
Piochiz - Echloed v2 (Echlo 2012)
Piochiz - Harplegique
Piochiz - Piochiz
Sucheliz - Don't go away
Sucheliz - Dont look back in anger
Sucheliz - Hallelujah v3
Sucheliz - Lemon tree
Sucheliz - Old town road
Sucheliz - Pieces
Sucheliz - Safe & Sound
Sucheliz - Titanium
Sucheliz - Viva la vida
Sucheliz - Wonderwall
Sucheliz - You know Im no good
Sucheliz - Ghost town
Sucheliz - Hymn for the weekend
Suchiz - Canoned (Echlo 2013)
Suchiz - Dreaming
Suchiz - Feli impro
Suchiz - I wanna rock right now
Suchiz - Laurelied
Suchiz - Maggle
Suchiz - Pampam (Echlo 2016)
Suchiz - Time goes so fast (Echlo 2015)
Suchiz - Waiting for you
Suchiz - You rock my world

I am a traveller |

I am a passionate |


Best concept award, Horde Winter Game Jam 2023, Bordeaux, France

IA Santé Challenge

July 2018, Cahors, France

La nuit de l'info

Dec 2016, Toulouse, France

Big Bang 2.0

Ottawa Game Jam 2017, Ottawa, Canada

Cats of many colors

Best theme award, Concordia Makes Games 2017, Montreal, Canada

La nuit de l'info

Dec 2015, Toulouse, France